Meet Dr Ruby's Furry Family

If you have had the pleasure of meeting Dr Ruby, you may already know she is a lover of all things pocket pets! Having been a proud owner of two lovely little guinea pigs, Ruby unfortunately was confronted with the devastating loss of little Greta early this year.

Guinea-pigs are social little animals and it isn’t ideal for them to be on their own. It became very obvious that Gertie (short hair) was not coping with the loss and Ruby began the search for another little companion. It was the guinea-pig rescue group, ‘Guinea Pig Shindig Rescue’ that offered her the perfect little mate. ‘Violet’, who is now affectionately known as ‘Mop’ has been a wonderful new addition to the family.

Gertie and Mop are inseparable and Ruby could not be more pleased. Ruby’s stunning cat ‘Kali’ has joined in on the fun and are an odd-but happy trio of friends.  They are often guests at the clinic on very hot days, as it is well-known that guinea-pigs do not tolerate heat well.