Meet Tommy


Tommy was first presented to the Essendon Veterinary Clinic back in April 2017 with what looked like an irreparable open wound on his foreleg. The wound was so severe that it was definitely going to be a struggle to repair.

Over the next few months, Tommy went through over 12 bandage changes, as well as surgery to clean his wound, and after trying what felt like everything to get this wound to naturally heal, we weren’t having much luck.

Dr Kaitlyn was adamant that we could spare Tommy from amputation, so performed an amazing surgery which involved the wound being primarily closed by pulling all edges together and closing them up, then adding tension relieving incisions to help alleviate the tension that was caused from pulling on the skin.

Although there were many reasons as to why this would not work, we knew that it was worth a shot for Tommy. Thankfully, after the surgery Tommy's foreleg healed beautifully and looking at him now you wouldn’t have any idea of the struggle that he and his family have endured.

Tommy's family had nothing but faith in him, and we are so thankful for how much effort they put into the little guy. We are so happy and pleased to see that over a month later, Tommy is as happy as ever with a fully functioning, healed foreleg.