Street Dog Care

If a dog was on the street and injured or in pain, would you just walk by or give it treatment to get better? That's the situation Street Dog Care deals with every day in Nepal, providing treatment for more than 250,000 stray dogs who wander the streets of Kathmandu.

Prag Chauhan, Street Dog Care volunteer

Dr Kylee Woods' friend Prag Chauhan is heading over to Nepal in April to volunteer with the organisation to help improve the lives of these unfortunate dogs.

Since 2009, Street Dog Care has treated injured street dogs then either returned them to the streets of Kathmandu or to be adopted out, often to overseas homes. They also have regular weekly camps operating in various public locations, raising awareness and support within the community.

"Dogs just like yours need our help," Prag says.

"In order to continue with their much needed work, SDC are in need of supplies and aid from volunteers. Every dollar counts."

If you would like to help Prag's journey by donating to Street Dog Care, you can visit their website or email Prag at [email protected]