To the valued pet parents of the Essendon Vet Clinic

To the valued pet parents of the Essendon Vet Clinic,

We would like to thank all our clients for their patience and understanding during the past year through the Covid-19 pandemic.

You may have noticed that since the lockdown started, it has been a bit harder to book an appointment to see one of our Vets or Nurses. We understand that this can be frustrating and stressful. We appreciate your flexibility during times where we may need to reschedule your appointment due to a staff member being unwell or to make room for an emergency. We know your time is valuable and we are grateful for your cooperation when these unexpected and unavoidable situations arise.

Unfortunately, the veterinary industry is experiencing a severe shortage of vets and nurses. Every year there are high rates of resignation and complete departure from the industry altogether, a consequence of the intensely high-pressure nature of our jobs, long hours, high emotional investment and poor work-life-balance. We encourage all to increase their personal awareness of the extreme stressors, high incidence of mental health conditions and subsequent high rates of suicide amongst vets. In conjunction with this, COVID-19 has also taken a huge toll on the veterinary cohort in Victoria, with many of our international or interstate vets and nurses electing to move back home. Additionally, the influx of pet ownership and increased attention to existing pet care during Covid has spiked a rise in demand for veterinary care.

We would like to reassure you that here at Essendon Vet we are trying our absolute best to facilitate the highest quality care for all our patients and clients. We really do care about you and your pet!! We are in this profession because we love animals and want to help them live happy, healthy lives. Dr Tania, Dr Aletheia and Dr Stella are working tirelessly to continue providing high standards of care for your pets. The Nurses and reception staff are also under immense pressure to meet the increased demand for veterinary services with reduced staff. It truly affects us when we cannot assist all our clients due to an over-demand for appointments.

Given this high demand for appointments, we would kindly request that if you no longer require an appointment, to please give us a courtesy call, so we can give that appointment to another patient in need.

Please be mindful that we are trying our very best during busy times. We ask that we are treated with kindness and respect, we hope that this message helps to foster an understanding of the challenges we are facing and the reasons behind the shortage of appointment times. We look forward to continuing a strong and positive relationship with our clients and thank you again for your patience and understanding