Vets go wild at Werribee Zoo

Dr Stella and Nurse Hope were lucky enough this month to go behind the scenes with the vets at Werribee Zoo. Driving around to see patients out in the open was all very exciting for the duo - quite a change from their normal environment at Essendon Vet Clinic.

Back at the clinic, every morning and afternoon our staff do rounds in front of the surgical board to discuss the day's cases. At the zoo, Stella and Hope did rounds with the vets in a ute! 

"We gained a huge appreciation and respect for what the staff at the zoo do on a daily basis and how they tackle difficulties in treating their patients - they are often not so easily approached!" Stella and Hope said.

"We had many wonderful experiences and learnt so much. We will never forget the people we met and all the wonderful creatures we saw."

A huge thank you goes to the wonderful Bev and Karen for making it all happen. 

Nurse Hope makes a friend
Dr Stella with her new friend