While this time of year marks a chocolate filled extravaganza, we also have the joy of multiple public holiday in a short amount of time. Yes please! Many families and friends decide to make the most of the opportunity and spend this time away, whether it is venturing to holiday houses across the country or camping in some of the glorious locations this beautiful place has to offer. However, many of us are then faced with the holiday that our furry family members will embark on. Before leaving our pets at boarding facilities, kennels, friends or even bringing them with us, we will need to ensure they are safely prepared for their own adventure.

Taking your pet on holidays

Deciding to take our pets with us on our getaway can be a lot of fun for the whole family. However, before leaving, you should check that all of their microchip details are up to date. This is so that if they wander off to conduct their own sightseeing, you will be easily contacted to collect them. Before leaving, make sure you have packed any toys or medication your pet will need as well as paper towels and a rubbish bag in case any accidents occur along the trip. When you leave for your trip, ensure your pet is secure in the car. Our feline friends should be in their crate, while our canine companions should be in a car harness. Pet parents can be fined if your pet is unrestrained in a vehicle. If an accident occurs, they could be in a lot of danger as well as injure the other members in the car. During the trip, you should have water on the ready for them. If you are travelling with a dog, it is important to stop every two hours for a toilet break and for them to stretch their legs. Cats should stay in their crate and have access to a litter tray. Once you arrive, set up a safe place for them if they become overwhelmed with the new people and noises that surround them.

Leaving your pet at a boarding facility

Most of the time, we are not able to bring our pets with us on our getaways. Before leaving your pet, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier on them and reassure you that they will be in safe hands. A veterinary based boarding facility, usually only for cats, is the best option. This is because if there was an emergency or your pet becomes ill, they will be given immediate Vet attention and help.

If you are leaving your pet at a boarding facility, there are a few steps you can take including:

  • Finding the right facility: The best way to find a good quality boarding facility is through recommendations. Ask friends, neighbours or your vet clinic team as they are your greatest avenue.
  • Conduct a tour: Visit the boarding facility you are hoping to leave your pet at. Chat to some pet owners or references about their experience with the facility. If you are leaving your pet there for a long amount of time, you should book in a few short stays, even a couple of hours to start, to adapt to the facility. Take some time to evaluate how your pet is after the stay.
  • Requirements: Ensure your pet’s vaccinations are all up to date before leaving them at the facility. Find out if the facility you are looking at requires your pet to be vaccinated. If they do not, it might be time to question whether this is a reputable facility. It is also important to let the team at the facility know about any medical or dietary requirements your pet needs.
  • Vaccinations: Find out what vaccinations are needed before allowing your pet to stay at the facility. If they do not need up to date vaccinations, this should be alarming. It might be best to try a different facility. Usually, your pet will need to have all their vaccinations at least 3 weeks before boarding. This is for the safety of all pets at the boarding facility.
  • Medical History: Provide the boarding facility with all of your pet’s medical history as well as their current medication or diet.

Before choosing a facility, it is best to evaluate and consider the following prior to booking:

  • Is the entire facility clean?
  • How do the current boarders appear?
  • Does the boarding team discuss pet care and seem to have a genuine interest in it?
  • What type of food will your pet be fed?
  • How long will your pet have to exercise/play each day?
  • Can they guarantee that your pet will be socialising with social and safe pets?
  • What are the cleaning routines like?
  • What shelter is provided day and night?
  • What type of bedding will they have?
  • What is the security like?
  • What is the process if your pet becomes unwell?
  • How long until you or a Veterinarian will be contacted?
  • What are the vaccination rules?
  • Did they ask about your pet’s behaviour or needs?

While this sounds like a lot to consider, these are all very important steps to take so that your pet is safe and happy over the entire holiday. You can enjoy all the wonderful public holidays, without any worries and instead, full of the delicious treats Easter brings!